The GrandPrix Blog was originally conceptualized in early 2010 after passionate F1 fan and amateur journalist Paul Grainger found it frustrating having to traverse the countless online F1 publications to find the stories free from jargon, waffling, bullshit, nonsense and time wasting rubbish that many have become known for. In others words, to find the ones he and others actually wanted to read! A year later TGPB has turned from a concept into a reality and now allows you the reader to keep up to date with the news that really matters; all in one place!

Paul has spent over half his life passionately following Formula 1. He checks dozens of online publications every day and filters out the crap to pass it on to you here at TGPB in his own unique style. He has watched every F1 Grand Prix live for almost a decade (over half his life), either trackside or on TV, and has been an avid subscriber to many F1 print publications for a similarly lengthy period of time. Having also competed in amateur motorsport himself for a number of years, he understands first hand the stresses a modern day race car driver has to endure.

Paul has a no nonsense, no bullshit attitude towards F1 journalism and life in general, ensuring you get a quality, worthwhile and enjoyable read everytime you log onto TGPB.com.