20 January 2011

Tony Fernandes reads The GrandPrix Blog!

After posting my passionate article yesterday regarding the whole Lotus shemozzle, it would appear as though Team Lotus owner Tony Fernandes read the article! I say this based on his twitter updates throughout the day which you can read on the Latest F1 Updates page. Pretty cool for a blog that’s not even a week old! However I think I need to clear a few things up as I may have gotten lost in the moment last night.

Tony Fernandes has done a bloody fantastic job with whatever his team was/is/might be called. With my own personal interest in the business world, I see good businessmen as those who can see the value in having the right team of people around them to get the job done; as opposed to just flinging money around to get try and get the job done. Mr. Fernandes has inspired me to do the same in my own life as an aspiring world leader and businessman. It appears as though he has invested very wisely in developing this team of people, which I have no doubt will see his team steadily move up the grid. Like I said yesterday, he should be commended for all that he’s done so far with the team.

I cannot for the life of me however, see why he felt so strongly the need to bring back firstly the Lotus name and now the Team Lotus name to the sport. I italicize name because I don’t see the same legacy that was once Team Lotus, being conveyed through the new Team Lotus. At the moment all I see is the name. Now I’ll kindly eat my words if the 2011/12/13 car is ‘Colin Chapman’ brilliant but like I said, the rules are so tight these days that ‘significant’ innovations are almost impossible (please please please prove me wrong Mr. Gascoyne!).

It bugs me because I really like the team and I love the way it’s being run. They could develop their own unique legacy so easily; I just can’t see why Mr. Fernandes felt he needed to continue someone else’s instead. Why? If you’re reading this Tony, can you please find an avenue of explaining this properly so that I can understand a bit better? I will be one of your biggest fans if you can explain that point effectively to me. I’ll be at the Australian Grand Prix in March and I will come and say G’day and buy you a drink (or 12)! We can sit down and have a chat about it. It would be awesome!

Now Tony, mate, I know you were trying to do the right thing in bringing the name back to F1 and I know a lot of fans appreciate it. And maybe it’s just my understanding of what Team Lotus used to be that is clouding my judgment of the situation. I don’t know. But the vibe I get is just not the vibe I want to be getting; at the moment anyway. But I certainly admire what you’re doing a lot more than what the other Lotus people are doing…